A big thank you for your service

8 03 2010

I don’t pretend to know how much you veterans sacrificed to serve this country.  I can’t imagine your experiences, separated from friends, family, and life for months while being stationed overseas.  Your sacrifices are enormous, and though it seems insignificant, I can really do is say thank you for your service.

So if you have served in the military. . . Thank you.

And the only way I can show my thanks is to help you buy a great home with a loan program that rewards you for your service.

Where else can you buy a home with no down payment, pay no monthly mortgage insurance, receive a competitive rate, and be eligible for reduced-cost refinances in the future when rates dip?  Only with a VA  loan.  But it gets better.

For instance, did you know that if you have more than 15% VA disability, your funding fee is waived entirely?  (To put this in perspective, on an average home in Oklahoma, this could save you from $2800 to $13,800 each time you buy a home for the rest of your life.)

Did you know you may be eligible for a VA benefits even if you only served in the military for 90 days during a time of war?

Did you know if you are the widowed spouse of a veteran, you may also be eligible for the benefits?

Did you know National Guard members can receive VA loans?

Did you know that a home purchased with a VA loan has to meet higher standards. . . so you get a better house and a better loan?

Did you know that you can buy a home with no down payment, negotiate to have your closing costs paid by the seller, and receive an additional homebuyer tax credit from the government?

There are many more benefits to a VA loan, but the bottom line is this: Owning a home in Oklahoma can increase your net worth $1/3 to $1/5 million dollars in 30 years.  Owning a home in Oklahoma with a VA loan can make this happen, while keeping money in your pocket for the things that are most valuable: family, friends, and fun.

I love to serve veterans and would love to help you and your family own a piece of home in Oklahoma and build a financial future.




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