Gratitude: making sense of our past, bringing peace for today, and vision for tomorrow.

19 08 2010


This weekend I had fun. My idea of fun was playing drums with children from some of the poorer neighborhoods in OKC at a back-to-school community event put on by DHS and the Friends of 10th Street organization.

I went there selfishly, to re-experience the teacher’s high of connecting with kids and making a difference in their lives. But I left with much more. After the second group of kids, I realized that I wasn’t their teacher, but that I was one of them. Their story was my story.

I grew up below poverty level, on free lunch programs, wearing hand-me-down clothes. But I am grateful for the example of my parents. They were both full-time college students as I was growing up, finishing medical school and getting their CPA, working to pay off student loans before going on the mission field to use their degrees to serve others. My parents taught me sacrifice, trust, hard work, and what it means to live on both sides of generosity- both receiving and giving.

And so today, sunburned, and exhausted after playing drums in 100+ degree weather, I am thankful for my parents, my story, and the stories of these kids that I got to interact with briefly. May we all receive the lesson of experiencing life on both sides of generosity.

“No one is as capable of gratitude as one who has emerged from the kingdom of night.” Elie Wiesel

Please let me know how you choose to give back to others, and how I can be involved. I’d love to help. I hope I can help you to have a profitable and grateful week.




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