Sports, Schools, and now Housing—go Oklahoma!

1 11 2010


Oklahoma just keeps getting better.  We have an NBA basketball team, the best bedlam football rivalry around, and now we’re topping the lists on best housing markets. 

Forbes just announced Oklahoma City the #5 fastest-growing city and #11 in the best big cities for jobs.  A KPMG study named it the least costly metro area to do business among U.S. cities with populations between 1 million and 2 million, and according to the Census Bureau Community Survey, it has the third-shortest commute time among the 52 largest cities. Such factors–plus its exciting new basketball star, Kevin Durant–have definitely attracted plenty of new residents. An article in the Sacramento Bee reported that many Californians were migrating to the former Dust Bowl town in search of jobs and more stable housing prices, and its population, at 1.2 million, is expected to grow 9.8% in the next 10 years, according to the Greater Oklahoma City Partnership.  Click HERE for the full Forbes story.       

Thanks to good jobs and low cost of living, the

Oklahoma City metro area ranks as America’s Most Affordable City.” 

-Forbes Oct 28th, 2010


Another Forbes article, released a few days ago, lists OKC as the most affordable city in the US.  It’s a great article; please click HERE to read it. 

So keep it up, Oklahoma.  And I’ll cheer with you at the games.



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