Oklahoma homeowners $10 Million richer this year.

27 12 2010

Picture a home during an Oklahoma summer.  Hot, humid air.  You’d do anything for air conditioning.  You walk to the thermostat to turn on the air conditioner and realize it’s running full blast.  But the air is getting hotter and more muggy by the minute.  The windows are wide open.  Your precious, cool air is gone before you can enjoy it. 

That is the reality of most Oklahomans’ financial lives.  They work hard, but their money is gone, out the window, before they can ever enjoy or invest it.  The idea of cool air teases them while they work harder.

What would it take to enjoy your, home, your air conditioning, and your job?  Probably less than you think.  Small expenses add up over time.  Small savings add up too, especially if you reinvest the savings.  This year, my clients have helped me save them over $10,000,000 on their home finances.  This is like shutting and sealing every window, door, and crack.  Then we work with their financial planner or other professional to make that savings work hard for you, whether it pays off debts or grows for your retirement.  Over the next 30 years, that $10 million savings should grow many times that amount.

If you’d like a financial checkup and a plan to enjoy your cool home, please reach out to me.  Because while it’s cool now, summer is just around the corner.