Thoughts after Dave Ramsey OKC

21 02 2011

This past Saturday, 10K+ people filled the Cox center for a Total Money Makeover event hosted by Dave Ramsey.  Whether you like or hate his views on debt and credit, it’s hard to ignore them.  Just like it’s hard to argue with simple common sense.

I am a professional debt salesperson.  I sell mortgages, you know, debts designed to last your entire working career.  You’d think that I’d like debts, mortgages, and “creative” financing.  The truth is, I love homes, family, and the financial future that a home can help provide.  But I don’t like debt any more than you do.  In fact, I get happy when I can help my clients kill their mortgage.  There are things way more important than a mortgaged “lifestyle.”

A home really is the biggest step most people will ever take to turbo-charge their financial future, short of starting their own business.  The average homeowner has a net worth of $170,000 compared to the average renter’s net worth of $5,000.

But a home means something different to me now that I am debt-free.  And for many Oklahomans, their concept of a home and debt has changed over the past 2 years, too.  Cash became the #1 financing choice earlier this year.  Credit card debt in the US has decreased every month since late 2008.  The average new home is smaller than the “McMansions” built through most of the 2000s.  And these changes have happened during a time where the costs for owning a home have been at their lowest in history.  The numbers haven’t changed.  Our views on what are acceptable numbers have changed, partly due to Dave Ramsey and his ideas on debt.

This is why I see it as my mission to help as many Oklahomans save as much as possible on their homes—so they can use that money for life.  For their dreams.  For their families.  For their futures.

If you’d like to be a part of the family of clients who saved over $10 million dollars on their homes for the past two years, please reach out to me.  Because your food will taste better and your grass will feel better once you are debt-free.

Thank you,

Wilhelm Koenig






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