Save a stack of cash on your first home

26 04 2011

 VIDEO: 4 ways to save on your first home. You choose which is best for you.


Following the herd can cost you double

26 04 2011

VIDEO: Following popular home buying opinions can cost you twice as much money! This video explains how this seller’s gift to you can change everything.

What is the strongest way to save on your next home?

18 04 2011

A couple came to me this past week, wanting to buy a home here in Edmond.  They wanted to know the secrets of finance, how to buy the home they wanted, but get the best value on it.  They wanted to finance their savings for 30 years, not their overpayments.  I love working with budget-conscious buyers, of being able to show them how to maximize their savings.

And after taking with them, I decided to share their report, so that hopefully you can save too.  Please click on the link for the report and a video explaining how you can save.


I look forward to helping you be a part of the over $20 million dollars Oklahomans will save on their homes this year.

Top 5 Tools for Keeping Real Estate Simple

11 04 2011

The day-to-day reality of realty is driving around, meeting people, and staying on top of problems and paperwork.  And if you do these things well, you stand out as a pro.  The best way to generate money is to focus on meeting with buyers and sellers, but the best way to lose your potential money is by letting the details slide on your transactions while you’re out of the office.  Here are the top tools to stay on top of your game and keep it simple.

1. Keynote – This is like an easy PowerPoint. This is the perfect tool for simple, beautiful listing presentations.

2. Open Home Pro – Make a great impression at open houses and capture CRM data at the same time with the free app.  Buyers just tap on the app and enter their contact info. You can add notes about what they are looking for. And the app even prompts them “Please hand the iPad back to your real estate agent” once they have filled out their info.

3. DocuSign – Ever wish you could sign contracts from your car or coffeeshop? Send, track and sign documents anytime and anyplace.  Instantly check status on documents so you’ll always know who has signed and who still needs to sign. Put an end to driving across town to get, send, or sign documents.

4. Dropbox – The easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online. It’s a free, powerful, and simple way to keep your files available to you.

5. GoodReader for iPad, iAnnotate PDF, and PDF Expert for iPad –  Do you wish you could scribble notes or memos on your papers? You need one of these apps. You can edit text, draw, add a personalized signature or notes with these apps.

What are your favorite iPad apps for real estate? I’d love to hear your experience using any of these apps. Leave me a comment below!

LO Comp plan appeal denied

5 04 2011

The US court of appeals denied the NAMB’s and the NAIHP’s LO Comp plan appeal today. So the new regulations go into effect tomorrow. It will be an interesting day tomorrow.

What do you think will be the biggest hidden benefit of the LO comp plan?

New Regulations delayed

1 04 2011

At the 11th hour, the courts delayed implementation of the new TILA “LO Comp Plan” regulations. This is not an April Fool’s Day joke.

For more info, click on the link HERE: