You know you want some rum cake.

16 05 2011


Warm, moist, sweet, buttered rum cake… one worth picking up every crumb with your fork and slowly savoring. One that fills your new home with buttery aromas and makes you tell yourself, “Just one more piece…” every time you walk by.

Welcome to your new home and your empty refrigerator.

I started making rum cakes for my customers as a way to say thank you, and a way to bribe their friends and relatives into doing the heavy lifting during the move. 

But it has grown into an unforgettable experience.

I come to closings with personalized reports showing how my expert advice will save you tens of thousands over your life. I also bring a rum cake. The reports are (probably) thrown away and forgotten. But I still get calls about the cakes years later. 

In each couple, there is probably one person who will value the financial report and one who will fall in love with the cake. I’ll let you decide how to split the charts and the cake, and will keep bringing both.

So here’s to life, to new homes, fortunes saved, and warm cakes devoured.  I hope to help you with all three experiences.  Here to serve,




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