Say hello to the perfect cozy home

27 01 2012

Beautiful spacious home available in Midwest City

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Cute 3bed/2ba home in NW OKC

27 01 2012

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91 days to beat debt and build wealth.

24 01 2012

If you are on the fence about getting out of debt, let’s get off the fence before it’s too late.

Join us for the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class– get control of your finances, pay down debts, and start building wealth.

We still have openings available.  Please join us this evening at 6:00 for the second class, and contact me to RSVP.

Wilhelm Koenig



Modern feel for Putnam City home.

20 01 2012

Very affordable– 4 bedrooms, 2 stories, and it looks like a magazine.

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Do you love clean, beautiful homes?

20 01 2012

This one has character, sleek appliances, and a sense of peace.  Check it out at the open house this weekend.

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Tips for buying a condo

13 01 2012

Are you a busy professional

who would rather let someone else sweat to maintain your yard?


Moving down to a simpler life?

Your reasons for wanting the freedom of a condo are unique.  And financing a condo can involve overcoming some unique challenges.  Here are some tips to buy your first condo the smart way:

  • Check to see if the condo is on the HUD or Fannie Mae approved condo list.  This could allow you to buy your new condo with a lower or no down payment.
  • Look at the terms of the HOA rider before buying to check out the fees, maintenance, and coverage of the HOA.  Also read the bylaws to know in advance if any affect you.
  • Get to know your neighbors; you may share more than a wall.
  • Is any part of the condo a commercial space?  While this is uncommon in OK, sometimes you may find a condo with a drycleaner or small shop on the ground floor, and living spaces above it.  This can be a challenge to finance.
  • Find out how many of the condos are sold, and how many are rentals.  Both of these can affect your loan approval, since these both could have a significant impact on the sales price.

Please call me to start the process buying your next condo.  I look forward to helping you enjoy the freedom and simplicity that condo life can provide.

Oklahoma named the best housing market again

11 01 2012



you glad you live in Oklahoma?

US News and World Report recently named Tulsa and Oklahoma City as their #1 and #2 Best Housing Markets.  Click here for the full article or read the important excerps below.

“Oklahoma City is a poster child, a touchstone that we keep going back to throughout the housing recession for markets that have bucked the trend,” says Stan Humphries, chief economist at real estate website Zillow. “Because it did not participate in the housing run-up is why it’s held its value so well in the recession, because it didn’t get overpriced.”

“Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Madison are seeing organic demand in the market, so it’s really dependent on their own economic vitality,” Humphries says.

Freedom from Debt– Isn’t it time?

11 01 2012

I am so excited about the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class that we’re beginning next week. I am excited to see people’s stress drop as they become free from debt and money problems. I am excited to see how it affects their children. I am excited to see how it affects the people around us. And I am excited to share this, as this class has been one of the best experiences in my short life.

Please note that we have changed the time and place for the class. The class will be held at:

Tuesdays 6:00 – 8:00 pm, starting Jan 19th
Bridgeway Church
228 West Hefner Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
$99.00 for the class, materials, and lifetime membership in Financial Peace Univeristy

The class is normally $199, but there is a 50% discount for churches. So the entire 13-week course is only $99. If you’d like to attend but cannot afford the $99, please contact us, scholarships are available.

Please contact us in advance if you will need childcare. And please invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers who may be interested in becoming free from debt.

Here’s my story:

You can get a better feel for the FPU class at the link below:

Please RSVP with me at:


Oklahoma City leading the US out of recession

9 01 2012

High fives all around!  You’ve done it again, Oklahoma!

US News and World Report named Oklahoma City and Tulsa the #1 and #3 cities in the US that are leading the nation out of the recession.  What does this mean?  It means we’ve got JOBS, baby!  It means we have affordable houses.  It means we have a thriving local economy.  It means that our thriving local economy provides money to improve our city and create more jobs.

It means that you need to move here. 

Here’s the article for those of you who like to see who we beat.  And please contact me when you’re ready to see if the grass really is greener in the Heartland.

Wilhelm Koenig


photo by KevinLallier. Some rights reserved.

Planning the route to your vacation

6 01 2012

Imagine you’re driving to your beach vacation and you could take a route that would get you to the same destination, but in half the time with only 1/3 of the costs, giving you an extra week of time on the beach.  The catch is you’d have to give up two McDonald’s meals on the trip to enjoy an extra week in paradise.  Which route would you choose?

Discover the freedom of a 15 year mortgage, but more importantly, experience the fun of the extended vacation afterwards.

The average person on a 15 year mortgage pays it off in 7-9 years.  Where will you be in 7 years?

Please call me if you’d prefer to be on the beach.

Wilhelm Koenig

405.249.5993 cell