Planning the route to your vacation

6 01 2012

Imagine you’re driving to your beach vacation and you could take a route that would get you to the same destination, but in half the time with only 1/3 of the costs, giving you an extra week of time on the beach.  The catch is you’d have to give up two McDonald’s meals on the trip to enjoy an extra week in paradise.  Which route would you choose?

Discover the freedom of a 15 year mortgage, but more importantly, experience the fun of the extended vacation afterwards.

The average person on a 15 year mortgage pays it off in 7-9 years.  Where will you be in 7 years?

Please call me if you’d prefer to be on the beach.

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9 12 2011

The word “mortgage” is made up of two Latin roots: Mort, which means death, and -gage, which means grip.  So a mortgage is a deathgrip on your finances, a long-term deathgrip.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Just last week I was able to help another three couples slash their interest rate, lower their month payment, and start the path to paying their home off in a few short years.  In each case, the couples saved over $110,000 in interest alone.

How many more vacations could you take if your home was paid off 15 years sooner?

How much sooner could you retire if your home was paid off 15 years sooner?

Would you like to see how your life could improve?  Please call me.

Wilhelm Koenig